DMS students discuss whether cheer is a sport

Duncan Middle School offers many sports. However, there’s still a debate on whether cheerleading is one of them.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a sport is defined as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

Bella Reyes discusses how cheerleading should be recognized as a sport (Joslen Wininger)

With that definition, it would be argued that cheer, especially competitive cheer, is a sport. But what about Duncan Middle School’s cheer?

Ruby Miller, seventh-grade DMS cheerleader, said, “Yes I do think that cheerleading is a sport, and people should recognize it as a sport.”

Miller said many of the other cheerleaders would agree that cheerleading is a sport because of the level athletic skill required.

“What makes cheerleading a sport? When you have to be very athletic and flexible, especially when you are a flier or a tumbler,” Miller said.

Miller isn’t alone in her belief.

Bella Reyes, another seventh-grade cheerleader, said cheerleading is a sport.

“People have a lot of disbelief about cheerleading and how far it will go,” Reyes said. “Cheerleading is a very active sport that involves a lot of skill, and you have to be careful of what you do and say especially when you’re cheering for a school.”

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Some of the debate in favor of cheerleading being a sport includes the physical activity and the fact cheerleaders have a uniform. Some arguments against cheerleading being a sport include a lack of score being kept, aside from competitive cheer, and the fact the activity in intended as support for different sports.

Seventh-grade student Olivia Terronez siad she also thinks cheerleading is a sport.

“I think cheer is a sport because it’s athletic’’ Terronez said. “I think some people might think cheer is not a sport because most sports have something like a ball, so some people might not view it as a sport.”

She said cheerleading has plenty of similarities to different sports.

“I think cheering for DMS is a sport because its like entertainment for basketball or football,’’ Terronez said.