Eligibility list runs for second semester

Ian Lang, Academics Reporter

The first eligibility list of the semester ran a couple of weeks ago, and a large number of seventh and eighth-grade students found themselves on the list.

The eligibility list includes names of students who are not passing their classes by at least a 60 percent. The first time a student is on the list, they are considered on probation. However, the second and subsequent times, they are ineligible, meaning they cannot participate in school functions and activities, such as sports.

Justin Pena, wrestling coach and eighth-grade social studies teacher, said, “It’s ridiculous. They are given everything needed to finish their work, like time and knowledge, yet they choose to play games instead.”

Principal Christy Glasscock said Duncan Middle School has about 250 eighth-grade students, and it was the group with the high number of students on the eligibility list each week since the start of the semester.

In recent weeks, Duncan Middle School responded to the number of ineligible students by taking away free time at WIN. This year, students were able to go do the gym or outside (depending on weather and where grade levels were assigned).

But with the eligibility list the way it is, students have been held in their classrooms to work on missing work.

“They can do their work to the best of their ability and turn it in on time,” Glasscock said.

With students being ineligible, sports are affected, along with other extra curricular activities.

Sherry Farrar, art teacher, was a wrestling coach last year. Farrar said eligibility can have a huge impact on different groups.

She said students should take responsibility for their grades by getting their work done on time.

“You should do your work because it is easy and you have time,” Farrar said.

An updated eligibility list runs each Monday.