Reporters talk about Batman vs. Superman

Jude Weightman and Reanna DeLaRosa

Students around the Middle School may love, or may not love superheroes which can be okay. Yet, there is a struggle when deciding between them, such as Batman and Superman, so who is better? While there is a lot of support between these two, some people have a hard struggle when it comes to them being their favorite superhero from the DC Comic Books. Some students have different opinions of them, and some of the same people debate in ways like, who is stronger, who is smarter, and who may be better than the other?

While these questions may be unknown to be answered, some people enjoy how different these two can be and even some similar things that they may have. In the 6th Grade hall, with Mrs. Burk and her classroom, some of the students have thought differently between the two. With a class of eighteen kids, sixteen picked Superman while Batman was picked by only two people.

While this is a very high difference between the two superheroes, we can be able to know which one is better, which may be Superman. Really, though, we can say that we know who is obviously better, which is Batman when it comes to this and their differences from their movies, and shows.