Clubs reporter talks about McDonald’s vs Wendy’s

Peyton Griffith, Clubs reporter

Mcdonald’s and Wendy’s are some of the most popular fast food places in America and people have compared them to see who is better but I do like both of them so it’s really tough. And I think McDonald’s is a bit better because they have a lot better fries and burgers. And almost their nuggets but for wendy, I think their burgers are kinda dry and their frostie is good but melts and turns into a milkshake. And they have to think that is pretty good their chicken sandwich and their spicy chicken nugget, but their only thing that their fries.

But wendy’s feels like they have no salt but the downside of McDonald’s is their ice cream machine always being broken so every time I have gone it was broken but at Wendy’s when I go, their ice cream machine is always working and never breaks. But I do like the mc flurry its amazing and the frostie is good too but the frosties melt quickly and the Mcflurrys are so good when you get the oreo.  But yeah I think McDonald’s is really the better with their food because they are away better same with their flurries and that’s why McDonald’s is the better place.