“A New Life Series”

Abi Lewis, Student life Editor

Grian made a new life series this will be about Scott’s p.o.v. It opens to Scott waiting for the boogieman timer to go down to see if he is or isn’t one. Once the timer goes down he is the first boogieman. He is upset for a bit before getting iron and making a sword. He comes back up and sees Skizzleman, Bigb, and Etho surrounding a cow. They are protecting the cow from Joel and Bigb and Etho leaves Scitt and Skizzleman alone. Scott attacks him which cures him and gives him an extra hour to live. Bigb is the next boogieman and he also goes for Skizzleman.

  Scott starts building a few islands over the sea then Martin gives him the idea of calling their group the Mean Gills. The other groups are called the Clockers, the T.I.E.S, the bad boys, and the noisy neighbors. Each group has a random number of people. The Mean Gills are Scott and Martin, The T.I.E.S are Skizz, Tango, and Etho, The Clockers have ZombieCleo, Scar, and Bdubs. The Bad Boys are Jimmy, Joel, and Grian, The noisy neighbors are Pearl and BigB.

There aren’t many videos on it. If I were to give you P.O.V they would be Scott, Pearl, Grian, and Goodtimeswithscar