Baseball boys prepare against Marlow


Alexis Mejia

Jayson App talks about how the baseball team prepares for the Marlow game

Alexis Mejia, Sports reporter

Jayson App talks about how the baseball team prepares for the Marlow game (Alexis Mejia)











Duncan Middle School baseball team is having a tournament on Thursday March 23, 2023. Four baseball players were interviewed: Cord Byerly, Blayden Harper, Jayson Epp, and Devan Johnson. They will play at Marlow Thursday and possibly Friday. 


Cord Byerly, a 7th grade student athlete, said “I think we will do good if it doesn’t get rained out.”


Byerly thinks his team will do good if we can encourage each other. 


Byerly said “We will play Thursday at 6:30 and it depends if we win our first game on Thursday against Marlow if we play Friday.”  Byerly plays first base and pitcher he is confident with playing those positions. 


Byerly also said “One thing keeping our heads up.” Byerly is also a starter. 


Blayden Harper, an 8th grade student athlete, said “We’ll do good ig.” 


Harper thinks his team will finish in 1st or close to 1st. Harper plays short-stop and pitcher and he is confident with those positions. 


Harper said “confidence is one thing we struggle with the most.” Harper is also a starter. 


Jayson Epp, an 8th grade student athlete, said “I feel pretty good about the tournament and feel confident that we can win.” 


Epp thinks his team will do pretty good and they should be able to beat Marlow. Epp plays everywhere on the field, he is very confident that he plays all those positions very well. One thing that Epp said they struggled on was hitting. 


Epp said “we have good hitting sometimes we just overthink too much and mess up.” He is also a starter. 


Devan Johnson, an 8th grade student athlete said, “I feel like we will do bad because most of us struggle a lot with most things we shouldn’t.”


Johnson feels like his team will do okay. Johnson plays right field and he feels okay with playing that position. 


Johnson said “I think we struggle most with beating Marlow and we work as a team most of the time but when we lose confidence we just try to work by ourselves.” Johnson is also a starter for the Duncan Demon baseball team.