Students come back after spring break

Joslen Wininger and Ava Allbritton

   Last week the Duncan Middle School was let out for a week for Spring break. They were let out from March 10th through March 20th. They will soon be out of school for a few months due to summer break. 

   A teacher at Duncan Middle school, Ashton Hall, is a sixth-grade science teacher,l stated, “I was pretty tired before Spring Break so it was nice to catch up on some sleep.” 

   She then went on to say “ After Spring Break I was still tired but I am happy I got to sleep a little during the break.”

   She then went on to talk about what she did, she stated “ During my break, I played with my son, did some shopping, and I slept.”

    She also stated, “My favorite part of Spring Break was probably playing with my kid and getting just to chill.” 

   A student at Duncan Middle School is one of the 8th-grade students Gerardo Moran. 

   Moran started by saying “ Yes I was ready to leave this prison,” He then said, “I didn’t want to come back here I just wanted to stay home and sleep.” 

   He then went on to say what he did over the break “I played soccer with some of my friends, slept and hung out with some of my friends.” 

   He also went on to say that his favorite part of the break was “ Sleeping was definitely the best part to me.”

   Jenson Prince is another 8th-grade student. 

   Prince stated, “During my Spring Break I went camping with some people and went up to Oklahoma City.” 

   He also stated, “I wish the break was longer and it extended to summer break.”

    He then went on to say “I felt better than I do now before the break and after a break like right now I feel like crap.” 

   He stated his favorite part of it was “My favorite part was sleeping in.”