School gets new lunch tables

Abi Lewis, Student life Editor

There has been a recent change to the cafeteria tables. The new tables are more bench-like and very nice. The principals thought it was about time for a new look in the cafeteria. They have also put the tables into rows to make it easier to call people to get their lunch. Although they are nicer and new, some students are not happy with the change.


Most of the students are also worried about them having to sit with other people they don’t know. This has caused many mixed emotions about this change because some of the students have seen these tables at their elementary school. There are students that love the change. The change in environment is very refreshing for some and these tables will allow more students to sit in much larger groups.

Many people are complaining about the way the people will be seated. The seats look like they can spin but they don’t.

How they get their food is by calling them in rows which is more practicable.

It is hard though to sit with your friends because if there is not enough room for your friends you will have to ask the person near you to move which puts the person in a bad spot because they might be sitting with their friends. That causes a problem for you and that person.

The tables have more room for people to sit at. That was a big problem with the old tables which could only sit eight. It will also make it easy to travel back to your table.