Student life reporter talks about what they’re going to do for their Birthday

Lillian Tomason, Student life Reporter

They give you a basket of breakable things from the start but you can purchase and add extra things. Some of the extras were another crate of smashable items, a BS plate, a confetti bomb, a 6-pack of wine bottles, a 6-pack of beer bottles, a printer, a computer tower, and a computer monitor. You can also get a celebration package in which you get a confetti bomb and a computer monitor with a custom message on it.

A BS plate is a blank plate that you can write anything on and then smash to pieces. A confetti bomb is a beer bottle filled with confetti and rice and when you hit it it explodes and flings confetti everywhere. A 6-pack of wine and beer bottles, a printer, a computer tower, and a computer monitor are all self-explanatory. You just smash them to bits!

My friend and I are getting the celebration package, 2 BS plates, 1 confetti bomb a dozen beer bottles, a printer, and a computer monitor. You are also allowed to bring your own music to listen to while in the room. My friend and I are making a playlist of music that angers us or just seems like it would be great to smash things too. We are also adding some silly ones just because. Ones like the theme song of Dragon Tales and Yo-Kai Watch.


I am so excited but it is very far away. In a month basically. We had to book ahead of time so we can actually get a room. I will make another story when it happens and tell you all about it!