McDonald’s vs Burger King

Peyton Griffith, Clubs reporter


McDonald’s and burger king have had a competition for a while and I will see who has the best chicken, burgers, and desserts. Now starting with the best of them all is desert, now from looks, it has to go for burger king because they have some of the best-looking desserts but the taste wasn’t that good Mcdonald’s does look that good but it does taste really good, and from the options, I have to go for burger king because they had way more but still, they didn’t taste good so desert goes to McDonald’s.

Now their burgers from burger king do look good and taste alright but the burger is very dry so if you don’t want it dry you would have to cover it in the sauce for McDonald’s they do look pretty depressing but taste very good but it is dry too but they will put a lot of sauce on the burger but I do think McDonald’s is better. now the final thing is chicken now I barely get the chicken nugget at burger king but the one time I got them they were probably some of the worst chicken nuggets I have ever the worst thing about them was they were soggy and they just tasted bad but for McDonald’s are probably the best thing they have on the menu, their crunch and taste and it’s way better with their tangy barbecue sauce but for this, its easily McDonalds so from this it has to be McDonald’s they are still undefeated.