Musical theater group to perform “Dear Edwina Jr, the Musical”

Abi Lewis, Student Life Editor

DMS is getting ready for its latest muscial offering.

The musical is called “Dear Edwina Jr.” The play is about a group of kids who put on a show for advice, but this one show has a girl from Kalamazoo Advica Palooza. They work through many problems with the show. There is a boy named Scott Knuckle who has a crush on Edwina. 

At the near end of the show, the girl calls back and invites Scott to sing the national anthem. Edwina is clearly upset but her sister, Katie Spoonapple comes in crying and she explains that she was mocked in her math competition. Edwina sings this encouraging song and everyone joins in.  In the end, everyone sings Hola Lola Encore.

If you want to know what details were missed, watch the show on April 14, 15 and 16. The cast has many people you know and you don’t. The Musical director is Cara Peyton and the Dance director is Courtney Miles.

Many of the students are nervous about the show because they think something might go wrong.

Lily Jay, a seventh grader, said, “I’m excited, but nervous about the show.” 

Xander Rugg and Lyrica Robinson returned to play in the Show As two lead roles. 

It’s time to talk about the stars in the show. Lyrica Robison plays Edwina Spoonapple. Lily Jay plays Queen Bolah Bolah. Xander plays Scott Knuckle, Farmer Jerry, and Johnny. Ralegh Waugh plays Vladimir Spoonapple and one of the napkins. Zoe Lewis plays Joe Sponapple. Lila pool plays Annie. Abigail Lewis plays Katie Spoonapple. Skylee Herman plays Franks’s mom. Mallory Hansen plays Billy Valnderplook. Merissa Mahlow plays Lola Lima. Aubree Moore plays Lars Valndeplook and one of the napkins. r That’s the base of the show and who is casting in it.