Reporter talks about state test coming up

Jace Jackson, News reporter

The Oklahoma State Test is right around the corner at the Duncan Middle School for eighth graders and I would not say I am nervous, but still, I am not very confident because I can only remember half of the things I have been taught this year and now this year there are four tests instead of two. 6th and 7th graders usually have only 2 tests, math, and English, but for 8th graders, there are 4 tests. It is kind of overwhelming even though there are no real penalties for scoring low. I would still rather achieve a passing grade.

In 8th grade, there are 4 different tests which are Science, Writing, English, and Math. I think that I am more worried about the math test than any of the other tests we are taking.I think that I will do best on the English test out of the other tests because I am super smart, funny, and awesome. I also think that the writing test will be the most work because we will have to write a whole essay for that test and I do not know how long my body will wanna sit still for before I get too tired.