McDonald’s vs Arby’s

Peyton Griffith, Clubs reporter

It’s that time for the undefeated McDonald’s against the Arbys we will see who has better sandwiches, chicken, desserts, and fries. Now the first thing is sandwiches  now let’s start with sandwiches from Arby’s so I can say so many things  about how bad their sandwiches are they look like there and I think they taste bad  but I never ate them I just looked at them but it is just bad but now McDonald’s their sandwiches aren’t bad there their burgers are pretty good and that’s all I can say now let’s talk about their chicken now for Arby’s their chicken isn’t bad because it’s not bad but not good kinda dry but it tastes good their best is buffalo chicken but that’s it for Arby’s now McDonald’s you know it’s their best thing they have  on the menu their crispy and excellent 

so for sandwiches and chicken goes to McDonald’s now desert this one is tuff because of their milkshake and their cherry turnover but Mcdonald’s dessert is better their mc flurry is just better in any way so that goes to McDonald’s now the best of the best fries this is the toughest is fries because their both amazing but I would have to say McDonald’s because you get more and they taste a bit better so the all-time winner 3-0 now is the McDonald’s.