Soccer boys prepare for Chickasha and season ending

Alexis Mejia, Sports reporter

The boy’s soccer team will be playing on Monday, April 17, 2023. They will be playing against Chickasha at 5:30. Newspaper students interviewed some soccer players and got their responses regarding what they think about the season-ending and how they think they will do at the game. 

Adahir Gonzalez, a 7th-grade student-athlete said, “I think we will win against them because we beat them at the tournament.” Gonzalez feels okay he doesn’t really care that the season is about to be over. Gonzalez said the season was pretty fun and can’t wait for next season. Gonzalez’s favorite part about soccer was playing with friends. One thing Gonzalez needs to improve on for next season is better talking and passing. 

Brycen Maddox, an 8th-grade student-athlete said, “I think the game will go very well because we already played them and beat them and I will clap the same guy and also crap on his head.” Maddox feels pretty sad about the season-ending. Maddox’s favorite thing about this season was playing sometimes during practices. Maddox stated about the season “pretty cool, fun experience with the people on my team. Something Maddox thinks should be improved for next season is motivation in players and grit and passion. Another thing is teamwork. 

George Pardo, an 8th-grade student-athlete said, “I think the game will go well because we already played them and know how they play.” Pardo feels sad about the season-ending because it’s the last season playing middle school. Pardo enjoyed the season even though they lost most games. Pardo’s favorite thing about this season is winning against Chickasha in the tournament. Pardo said, “One thing we need to improve for next season is listening, not playing around.”