Fourth quarter creeps in

Ian Lang

It is officially the last nine weeks of the school year and we encourage you to raise your grades as much as possible. Mrs. Moore Said “if you do not get your grades up then there is a possibility of you getting held back if you are currently ineligible. So get your grades up ASAP.” I asked David Alston about what his thoughts may be on 4th quarter is and his response for it was, “Students are more attentive to finish with good grades.” As of the coming of April for the current semester, the Middle School will no longer have Fridays until the end of the school year.  We interviewed Devan Johnson and asked him what he thought of 4th quarter, he responded with “its fine.”


We also asked him what his favorite class is, he rescinded with “stem”. we also asked what he thought of the schools four day weeks, he responded with “they are way better than five day weeks.” We asked Julius Sitchon the same questions we asked what he thought about fourth quarter he responded, “Its kinda boring”. We asked what his favorite class is and he said “stem because it is stem”. We also asked what he thought of the four day weeks compared to the five day weeks, he responded with, “ I like the four day weeks better than the five day weeks.” We asked Bryce White the same question and he responded with “boring and I wanna get it over with. band because it’s fun and I get to play my instrument.” We asked Eathan Towell how he felt about the fourth quarter and he responded with “I’m ready for it to be over. We asked what his favorite class is and he said tech engineering because they get free time after their work is done.”