It is over

Cooper Beranek, Academics Editor

Testing is over after 8 school days of testing. 4 days of eighth, 2 for seventh, and 2 for sixth. Everyone can agree that it was boring. Eighth grade student, Ethan Towell, said he thinks that he failed, or that everyone else also failed.He said he liked the challenge though. He said that it was boring having to wait for everyone to finish. &th grader, Landon Mumford, “I did good on math and guessed on reading,” “I did like sleeping after, but I didn’t like taking the test itself.”Isaac Mcgilvvey, ” to be honest I think I did pretty well on math, but reading was boring, I kept falling asleep.” ” It was good for my first state test. As the year comes to an end of this years journey, you have learned all you will to know we will see you on next years journey, goodbye and the end for now.

Landon Mumford shares thoughts on testing