Castle’s STEM students finish up their shed projects

In Rosie Castle’s 8th grade STEM class, they are working on building a model shed with electricity. 

Back in December, Castle’s students took about two weeks to draw out their sheds completely using a manual for the measurements, and then they used about two weeks to build their sheds from the ground up. 

For the final part of their project, her students are getting to wire their sheds with lighting, ceiling fans, door bells, and security systems that they all sautered themselves.

Inside their sheds, her students are putting flooring in it, making furniture and curtains, and putting their electricity in it. 

On the outside of the model sheds, her students are putting siding on, making a porch light, and decorating their yards. In their yards, they have a range of decorations, from grass, to ponds, to oceans, to fences, to gardens.

Gracie Goble, one of her students participating in the shed building, explained her opinion on the project, saying, “My favorite part of the project has been the painting part of it. In my opinion, the hardest part of the project has been building the pool for my yard. My shed is going way better than I thought it would, but it has definitely been very aggravating at times.”

Gracie Goble works on building her pond in a picture taken by Ady Meek. 

Rosie Castle, the teacher behind it all, explained, “My favorite part of the shed project has been seeing everyones lighting work successfully, and hearing everyone’s different ideas for their


The FINAL project is due before spring break, so if you would like a follow-up on the sheds, let us know in the comment section down below, or email us at  [email protected]