Art students create comic strips

Presley Sanders, Dylan Harty, and Sydney Miller

Seventh-grade students work on their comic strips in art class. (Pres)

Students in art class started creating their own comic strips.

Students started these comics on Nov. 3 as a class project.

The comics should have eight panels and need to be colorful. The comic needs to be imagined by the student all on their own. They can use their imagination to create a comic that tells a story. The comic needs to have a cover page with a title that goes with your story.

Every grade is participating in this activity. 

Comic strips are due today.

DMS art teacher Shelly Farrar said, “I have about 170 comic strips that should be done at the due date. The comic strips that are completed and turned in will be put into a book. This book will have every student’s comic strips and will be put into the library for students to enjoy.”

The next project students will be working on is Native American art. They will start on this project near Thanksgiving.