Students art work to be entered in recycling art contest

Students involved in art have been working hard.

They have completed many projects and have been working on a lot of drawing practice. Shelly Farrar, DMS art teacher, helps her students sketch and use different drawing techniques.

Farrar is planning on entering all the classes pieces into a recycling art contest. Students will make art out of recycled materials. All the art created will be entered into the “Every Litter Bit Hurts” recycled art contest. Students then will represent Duncan Middle School with their art.

Duncan Middle School art students have been working on different art projects all semester. (Jackson Poage)

This year in art class, all of the classes will be doing the same projects. Most of the time in the past, the art projects would vary depending on the grade, with eighth graders working up to more complicated projects than the sixth-graders would be doing.

Farrar teaches all of the grades sixth through eighth. She teaches more than 150 students and enjoys every moment in the art room teaching and helping.

As the students in art class do their projects, Farrar also tries to join in on the fun and do it with them whenever she can. She enjoys getting to teach students all about art. Students look forward to her class, and can’t wait to learn more and do fun new projects.

Farrar loves helping students with art, and it gives her something to look forward to everyday.