Dance canceled because of COVID-19

Megan Bumpas, Student Life Reporter

The DMS winter dance has been canceled due to COVID-19.

Raven Hunter, NJHS secretary, is disappointed the winter dance got canceled. NJHS officers are looking into other fundraising opportunities.

This was one of the biggest fundraisers for National Junior Honor Society. Although NJHS was set to host it, the Student Council was interested in helping out. The theme was set to be “Winter Wonderland.”

Now that the dance is canceled, NJHS is looking for an alternate fundraiser, but there isn’t a clear fundraising idea yet. The dance was set for December 4, but Principal Rodney Strutton determined that the dance would not be able to happen because of the ongoing pandemic.

Co-NJHS sponsor Derrick Miller was disappointed that the dance was called off.

“Yes, but due to COVID-19 we completely understand,” Miller said about it.

But he was not the only disappointed person.

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Amber Molina, who is the other NJHS sponsor, said she was excited about the dance, but understands

“I am disappointed, but the health and safety of everyone comes first,” Amber Molina said.

Additionally, some officers were disappointed.

“Yeah, we aren’t going to have as much fun activities this year due to COVID-19,” NJHS secretary Raven Hunter said.

There is some good news.

The eighth-grade officers and the sponsors are collaborating together for a new fundraiser. They are feeling good about a new fundraiser.

“We need to figure something out because big organizations like NJHS and Student Council need a big fundraiser to keep helping the school,” Miller said.

The NJHS officers have started making a list of possible fundraising ideas.

“I do believe that we can find a fundraiser that can take place for the dance,” Molina said. “We have several ideas in mind that I feel confident we can fulfill.”

One of those ideas was a kickball tournament, Hunter said.

“We are planning on doing a kickball tournament in the spring if COVID-19 doesn’t affect our plans,” Hunter said.

The new fundraiser will most likely be decided in the next few weeks.