Bass Club, Creating Hope not returning this year

Bass Club and Creating Hope are two clubs that are now unavailable for Duncan Middle School students.

DMS Assistant Principal Christy McIntyre explains why Creating Hope isn’t coming back this year to Duncan Middle School. (Presley Sanders)

Both of these clubs have been “canceled” for multiple reason with the primary reason being COVID-19 related. Now, DMS students will not be able to take part in either club this year.

There are two reasons Bass Club was canceled. First, the virus has continued to spread, which has caused many clubs and organizations to limit their activities. Second, the group leaders didn’t feel as if they were making enough of an impact with the club.

Marinda Cook, who is the Bass Club sponsor at Duncan Middle School, said the group leaders were talking to 4H to see fi that group could possibly take over the club.

COVID-19 was most of the reasoning for the stopping of Bass club, especially since many of the volunteers were older and at a higher risk to their health. Volunteers and helpers are not sure if the club will return, but they are hoping someone will take it under their wing and bring it back.

“I am only the school representative, not the leader,” Cook said. “I still want the best for this club.”

About 30 students signed up for this club last year.

But Bass Club isn’t the only club not returning to DMS this year.

Marinda Cook is no longer sponsoring Bass Club at Duncan Middle School this year. The club leaders decided to put the club on hiatus this year because of COVID-19. (Presley Sanders)

Creating Hope was a club that had many people, and the majority of those people participated in most fo the projects happening. As of last year thought, only about 20 people signed up, and even fewer actually participated in projects, perhaps only around three or four people.

COVID-19 also had a big impact on canceling Creating Hope, as group activities can help spread the virus.

Many of the students who participated last year are either virtual or were eighth-graders who have now moved on to high school.

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Assistant Principal Christy McIntyre, who was a sponsor for Creating Hope, said it’s uncertain whether the group will return next year. The group originally formed two years ago with a group of seventh-grade girls working with McIntyre to bring the club together.

Eighth-grader Katelyn Young said she’s disappointed the club isn’t happening this year.

“I’m kind of sad it was canceled because I really like helping people,” Young said.

While the club isn’t happening, those interested can still take part in community service opportunities.