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Jayden Miller, Sports Assistant Editor

  Something that  I want people to know about me is that I love animals so much, I don't like cheese and that I love deer hunting with my dad.  The reason why I love animals sooo much is because I'm always wondering what they think and how they work, which I find very interesting. That's why I want to be a veterinarian. I hate, hate, hate cheese! I have hated it since I was very little, over time it's gotten more tolerable but I still don't like it. And still choose not to eat it. I can eat cheese on some stuff like enchiladas, fajitas etr.  But most of the time I pick it off.  like cheese pizza for me is just bread and sauce.  I love deer hunting with my dad, why I love doing this so much is because it gives me and my dad something to bond over. He doesn't do this with my sister very often, so I feel like it's just something me and him do, which makes it so much more special. Even though it kinda makes me sad that I'm killing an animal that I am very much interested in, I just think it's okay because there are so many still left and it's one of our biggest food sources for our family. I hope I continue doing this when I'm older and create it as one of my hobbies when it's deer season.

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Jayden Miller