Jazlynn Ortiz poses for a picture.

Jazlynn Ortiz, Sports Reporter

My name is Jazlynn and I love to read books. My favorite book is Regretting you by Collen. I’ve always loved reading books since I was little and I love helping and giving to others. Something that is important to me is my family. My little sister has autism and sometimes taking care of her is very hard to do because she never listens and she can’t talk so sometimes it’s hard to understand her. This has impacted my family in many different ways because we are limited to where we go out to eat and just everywhere in general because she only likes certain textures and doesn’t like being at certain places she’s not used to. Sometimes people give us weird looks because she doesn’t talk but I just educate them because most of the time they don’t know. I also love spending time with my friends because they make me feel happy and I can always laugh when I’m with them. 

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Jazlynn Ortiz