Title I teachers discussed job duties

Here at DMS, there are two special teachers, known as Title One teachers. The two teachers, Patti Thaxton and Sherry McGhghy, don’t have the same job as your typical (but still awesome) teachers. 

Thaxton, who has been teaching for 34 years, is one of the two Title one teachers at DMS, mainly focuses on the math side of Title One. 

Ayden Belveal
Patti Thaxton helps a student with math.

She said, “As a Title One teacher I work with kids from each grade level and may have different students every day instead of having the same classes every day like regular classroom teachers.” She also said, “The reason I decided to be a teacher was because I had very good teachers in school who were always very helpful. I also enjoy working with kids and seeing them learn new things.’’

Sherry McGhghy, the other Title One teacher at DMS, has been teaching for 20 years. Mrs. McGhghy focuses more on the reading side of the program. Her job is to work with students who are struggling in ELA, or reading. 

Ayden Belveal

“The thing that encouraged me the most to be a teacher was that my grandmother, my aunt, and my sister are all teachers so teaching just runs in the family,” she said. 

“One of the things I like the most about being a Title One teacher is that I like getting to work with students in small groups,” she also said. 

Overall, it seems like these two teachers love their jobs very much. We are very lucky to have them here at DMS, and we hope they are enjoying their school year here!