Pena finds blessing at DMS

Damon Dillon and Dylan Harty

Editor’s Note: This is the third part of an ongoing series to introduce new teacher at Duncan Middle School.

Justin Pena is one of two new eighth-grade social studies teachers at Duncan Middle School.

Justin Pena is a new teacher at Duncan Middle School. (Damon Dillon)

Pena said the start of the school year has gone well and he has no complaints. He said he’s happy with his classes so far and is excited for the upcoming school year.

He is an experienced teacher. He has taught six years, going on seven. This is his first time teaching in Oklahoma.

As a coach, Pena coaches football and wrestling at DMS. He has coached for 12 years, and said he is happy do to so.

Before Pena came to DMS, he taught at Marcus high School in Huntsville, Texas.

Pena expects this year to be different, but he hopes to still grow with his students. He said he would like the school year to stay the way it is, but he is prepared to go virtual if needed.

He said happy at DMS and said it is a blessing to be here.