Perkins continues service to DMS

Isaac Pain and Katelyn Young

Officer Chris Perkins is the Duncan Middle School resource office. Perkins has been a police officer for 26 years and is based out of the Duncan Police Department.

Officer Chris Perkins is in charge of safety and security at Duncan Middle School. (Isaac Pain)

“I help maintain security by being a direct contact to the police station, and I watch who comes into the school and make sure all the doors are locked throughout the day,” Perkins said.

In addition to heading up security at the middle school, he is also responsible for the different drills that take place at DMS, too. For instance, he tries to schedule fire, lockdown, intruder and evacuation drills all in the same week and during different class periods to try to use as little class time as possible.

He will also be responsible for scheduling tornado drills later in the school year.

Perkins has lived in Duncan for 24 years and has been at DMS for six years.

“I help with security issues and with maintaining safety,” he said.