Story continues to develop in ‘Spy School’

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

Hey there, last week was a very crazy week for me. I had a sudden death in the family and was dealing with all of the sadness.

Ava Miller

But you are here to read about what else happened in “Spy School No. 8.”

So we left off at Ben finding out about Trixie Hale, Erica’s sister. After this, they attempted to meet up with Mike, by emailing him through a fake email account, and told him to go to their old tree house. Now, during this, Zoe is still looking for Ben and Erica, and saw them get on a bus.

That is when Zoe knew where they were going. But, Ben and Erica did not know that. So Ben got to the tree house, Erica had to go check on her sister, Zoe was there, along with Chip and Jawl. She told him that he should turn himself in and if not she would be forced to taze him. Then Chip gave a light chop to the back of Zoe’s neck with his hand.

Jawl caught her. After that, Catherine Hale, Erica’s mother, arrived and told them she had the George Washington document. 

After that, they went to Ben’s school, after turning down multiple of Ben’s other ideas, and made an invisible ink and rubbed it all over the paper. Now you might be wondering how they got into a school, without being questioned.

And that is because the number one rule at spy school is “If you act like you should be doing it, people will think you are supposed to be doing it and they won’t question you”. Now, that is as far into the book as I have read, I don’t know why that George Washington document is so important, but I am sure the book will explain later.

But I encourage you to buy “Spy School Revolution” so we can go on this book journey together.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and stay smart.