OCCT test is right around the corner

Spencer Carter, Clubs Reporter

The OCCT test is the big test of the year. It determines whether you pass or fail your current grade, and will go over everything the students went over and learned, this year. But, this year, some students have decided to go virtual which means that those students will be at a disadvantage since they were not here in class this year, and never heard a more in-depth explanation from the teacher. 

Ms.Clauson, one of the 8th-grade math teachers, records her classes and puts them on google classroom but a lot of students either do not watch it or just don’t join them (via google meet) when it is live. According to Mr.Strutton, “The students who are virtual will have to come into the building to take the test”.

8th graders are under more stress this year than any other year because they have to take an English test, and pass it, in order to receive their driver’s license or at least a learner’s permit. It is also their last year in the middle school before they move onto high school

The OCCT test will probably be the more stressful parts of the year school-wise, but students will finally get to see their virtual friends again.