Student reviews naps.

Brendan Heilman, Clubs editor

i love naps! i nap everyday. if i can’t nap i get a little cranky. if im not at school or doing a stream im most likely napping. but if i nap for too long i wake up tired. i usually take about a thirty minute nap every day with my dog tuss he’s a bed hog and he loves blankets and pillows but i love him even if he sleeps on my face. every day i go home eat something and nap my dogs are always napping because they are lazy. if i could go back in time i would make nap-time in school mandatory. everyone needs nap-time so that’s what i would do naps are needed to have good sleep schedules naps are a needed part of life for me i love them if naps were not a thing i would die overall i give naps 12/10 -Brendan heilman