Teachers of DMS share their thoughts about Valentine’s Day

Berkley Morris, Clubs Editor

Today is Valentine’s Day, and many of the Duncan Middle School teachers have a Valentine to celebrate with.

Valentine’s Day is an American holiday celebrated every Feb. 14. Across the country, and across Duncan Middle School, opinions on the holiday differ.

“I think that Valentine’s Day is a day that people tell their significant other that they love them and appreciate them, but you should be telling them things like that every day,” Justin Pena, eighth-grade social studies teacher, said.

Pena said the holiday was the “most bogus holiday ever” and said he doesn’t typically celebrate. However, this year will likely be different.

Stacy Turner, eighth-grade science teacher, thinks Valentine’s Day is overhyped. (Peyton Griffith)

During the past five months, Pena has dated eighth-grade science teacher Stacy Turner. The two Duncan Middle School teachers began dating in October.

For Turner, the holiday is less about relationships and more about companies making money. She said it’s difficult to go out to eat a a nice restaurant because they are busy.

Despite her feelings on the holiday, she like getting to take the day to celebrate her relationship.

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The middle school has many teachers who are married.

Renea Lawler is one of them.

Lawler has been married to Nate Lawler for 11 years. She met Nate in high school, when she was a lifeguard at the Simmons Center and he worked at a gas station.

For her, on Valentine’s Day, she and her husband give their three kids gifts and get each other a present that reminds the other person of them. This year, however they are doing something different; they are going to celebrate it later and go to a comedy show in Wichita Falls, Texas, together. 

“In my opinion, I think Valentine’s day is not that exciting, but sometimes it can be fun,” Lawler said. “I think the school makes it fun with the popcorn thing, and it’s a good fundraiser for the school.”

Another married teacher is Eddie Mullins, who met his bride, Julie, while they were both freshmen in high school. After dating for five years, they got married.

They will be married for 30 years in July.

“I think valentine’s day is just a day created by companies that sell candy to make money because it is commercialized,” Mullins said. “Even though I am married, I still think it is stupid.”