Students celebrate Veterans Day

Isaac Pain, General News Reporter

Veterans Day is a time for people learn and remember.

It’s a time for people to recognize U.S. veterans and current soldiers.

At Duncan Middle School, some students are recognizing their personal heroes.

“Veterans Day is important because it recognizes the heroes that protected and protect our country and (recognizes) those who died for our country,” NJHS President Noah McFatridge said.

McFatridge, who is an eighth-grade student, said his personal hero is his great-uncle, Benny.

“Veterans Day is) a day where we can recognize the people who served our country,” McFatridge said.

Mia Ramos, another eighth-grade student, said Veterans Day is important because it focuses on those who have served the country.

“Their service is important to me,” Ramos said.

She said she didn’t necessarily have a hero, but was appreciative of all the veterans have done for her.

“To me, it’s a special day when we recognize people who fight for freedom,” Ramos said.