Depression has many causes for Generation Z

Peyton Bull, Student Life Editor

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*Editor's Note: This is Part 2 in an ongoing series focusing on mental health and Generation Z.

Why do so many teens today have depression?

Well there isn’t a definite answer. Many things can cause depression, and many types of people have it.

Peyton Bull

Experts say that one reason might be that teens face more pressure at school to be perfect. Whether it be looking perfect, having perfect grades, being the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend; everyone faces this pressure at least once.

Others say that it’s the way we, Gen Z, were raised. With expectation to go to the best college, to always have straight A’s, to always be the best. We scarcely catch a break, and putting all that weight on our shoulders can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, which can lead to depression. And that almost translates to school: be perfect at home, be perfect at school.

Some suspect that it’s because of the way the Gen Z sees our future and where it’s going. The Baby Boomer mindset is  (generally) “I’m going to die soon, so I don’t care if the world dies, too.” But that’s not the way we should look at the world, and that’s not the way that Gen Z does.

Depression is a serious issue, and sometimes it’s not easy to spot. Sometimes the depressed one isn’t the one who is crying all the time, but the one who has a big, fake smile plastered right onto their face.

Some red flags are sluggishness, less desire to socialize, insomnia,  constantly talking about death or suicide and/or running away from home.

If you think someone you love is struggling with the symptoms of depression, call Resilience Teen Mental Health Treatment today at 800.760.3934.