Food Critique: Pizza and Stuff

Nathan Henry, Food Critic

Editor’s Note: The Food Critique is an opinion article written by Nathan Henry. Although the first is running today, subsequent articles are set to run on Wednesdays this school year. All of the articles are Henry’s opinions and reflect his personal experiences. As with all opinion articles, the Food Critique is designed to give readers “food for thought,” so to speak.

Location: Pizza ‘n Stuff, Duncan, Oklahoma

Nathan Henry

Date: Oct. 31, 2018

Rating (Out of 10): 3

On Halloween, we were all in the mood for pizza, so we tent to a pizza place we haven’t tried before.

Pizza ‘n Stuff is a pizza buffet in Duncan, Oklahoma. In my experience there, being my first, it was pretty busy because it was Halloween night. I thought it would be busy. And when we went in, we sat there for 5 minutes before we were served.

When we went to get our food, it was cold and soggy. When they brought out the “fresh” pizza, I went up there to get some. It was still cold.

While some people might like Pizza ‘n Stuff, it was not for me. I give Pizza ‘n Stuff a 3 out of 10.