Food Critique: Rib Crib

Nathan Henry, Food Critic

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Editor’s Note: With state testing and Greco-Roman wrestling season underway, this will likely be the last “Food Critique” written for the school year. Nathan Henry will be moving onto Duncan High School in the fall, possibly making this his last food article to write for the Demon Direct. As always, the opinions in the article reflect Henry’s personal experiences.

Location: Rib Crib, Duncan, Oklahoma

Nathan Henry

Date: April 2

Rating (out of 10): 10

Can you guess what Rib crib is known for?

If you guessed their smoked chicken, you’re wrong; it’s their ribs. I know it’s total shocker.

We went to Rib Crib in Duncan, and it was actually really good. I got the all you can eat ribs and fries, and I got just the original dry rub. The fries were Crib seasoned, and they were really good.

The waitress was nice and quick with food and drinks, so it was an enjoyable meal all the way around.

I give Rib crib a 10 out of 10 on the meal. It was really enjoyable.