More food needed in the a la carte

Ava Johnson, Editor in Chief

The food in the a la carte is great almost 100 percent of the time. There are pretzels, pizza, nachos, cookies, Pop Tarts and even fruit.

Ava Johnson

But the problem is that there is not enough of it.

Sixth-grade gets all the food they want. So does seventh grade. By the time the eighth-grade lunch comes, which is the last lunch period at Duncan Middle School, almost everything is gone.

There’s no pizza, no pretzels, no cookies, no nothing.

We need more food.

We need to makes sure we have enough to go around so that all students have access to the food at the a la carte. Sixth and seventh-graders need to stop buying 10 cookies per student. There needs to be a limit.

There’s not problem with the traditional cafeteria food; there’s plenty of that. But that can’t be said about the a la carte.

The great thing about the a la carte is that you get to choose what you get. You don’t have to go off the specific menu like you find in the regular lunch line.

But getting to choose what you want shouldn’t come at the cost of preventing someone else from getting their favorite food too.

All I am saying is we need to think about getting more food in the a la carte.