STS continues to help DMS

Ava Johnson, Editor in Chief

Our project Save the School or STS was founded during Derrick Miller’s WIN class when we

Ava Johnson

were in seventh grade and has been headed up by Amiya Williams and me since. It initially started as a class project, where Miller assigned jobs, including cleaning pencil marks off the walls.

The program was created to help the school in any way possible.Some of the things we have done is dust mop the halls, teacher patrol where a pair of students go to different teachers to ask if they need any help, partner with the Green Club to help them clean up the garden and make it a happy place again.

The Green Club is sponsored by Miller and Mark Monteith.

This year, Miller’s journalism WIN class is working with Shelly Farrar’s art WIN class to continue the STS project.

The program usually involved seventh and eighth-grade students. As eighth-graders, we are training seventh-grade members to lead STS next year.

Amiya and I are really looking forward to extending this program for years to come.