‘Spy School’ story continues

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

Hey there, I hope you are having a great weekend.

Ava Miller

Are you ready for thanksgiving break? I know I am. I want to thank you for taking a little bit of time out of your day to come read my column. Please encourage your friends and family to get on Demon Direct daily so that we can get out viewer numbers higher.

So let’s get started with our book review. Where did we leave off at? Oh yes, Ben and the team just went into his school. I think I have skipped a major part of the book, and you really need to know about this. 

While Ben and Erica were in the Capital of D.C., it dawned on them that they needed to go to George Washington’s house and get a document needed to solve the case. They knew that Croatoan needed to get to it, too. So what better time to go get it.

Once they got to Mount Vernan, Croatoan, was there and ready to attack, so they quickly grabbed the document from a hidden safe in Mt. Vernan and ran like the wind. They jumped onto one of the nearby buggies and drove away.

Only to have Ben roll out of the carriage, and Mike and Catheran jump onto the horses that drove the carriage, and ride away subtly. Then Ben met up with Erica and so on until they were in the school. Now that you are up to speed, let’s begin . . . again. 

Once they got to the school Catheran made an invisible ink and spread it all over the document. It revealed a hidden, encrypted message. Once they had the document, they started to go out the door of the science lab, when Mike’s old girl admirers decided they would pay Ben and his friends a little visit. They were pretty dumb, because they just started rambiling as Ben and his friends despratly needed to leave the building so they could get to work.

Long story short, the fire alarm was pulled. Then they stole an ambulance and made a get away. During this time Ben still believes that his parents are safe and in Florida. I will have to go into further detail about this later, because we are out of time.

Have a great week. Learn lots and work extra hard because break is next week. Thanks for reading, stay smart.