Respecting what people do

Noah McFatridge, student life reporter

The whole purpose of this story is to have people respect each other’s activities more. What really pushes my buttons is when somebody talks trash about someone else, saying something like, “Oh, you play golf? Don’t even talk to me,” or “Band sucks, you’re just a band nerd,”.

At least those people are making an effort at something they love to do. What’s more, they are building life skills they need in the future. Every activity that people do, from sports to clubs, are difficult in their own way. For example, addressing what I said from the top of this story, you can say that golf is really easy, but can you hit a ball hundreds of yards? Unless you have golf experience, you probably can’t do that. If you also talk down to someone about what they do, they can get depressed about it and want to quit. And you never want to do that. It would make the world a better place if you could just respect people’s decisions about the things they do. And even if something is easy, still respect people that they are going above and beyond in their efforts to get off the couch.