Chicken Express offers great food

Presley Sanders, Academics Reporter

Chicken Express is a delightful fried chicken place in Duncan.

Presley Sanders

Chicken Express is not only located in Duncan, but has many locations in the U.S. Chicken Express is known for their crispy chicken tenders and delicious sides.

Chicken Express also has many great drinks. They have great sweet tea, and awesome fountain drinks to enjoy with your meal.

When I go to Chicken Express, I order the snack pack with okra and a biscuit. In a snack pack, I will get a two tender snack pack because that is just enough to fill me up.

When I get okra for my side, I will get a few packs of serendipity seasoning. The okra tastes great dipped in the serendipity seasoning. The snack pack also comes with gravy, which is good when you dip your tenders in it. 

When I go to Chicken Express, one of my favorite parts is the sweet tea. The sweet tea is very sugary which makes it good.

One special thing about Chicken Express is that all their drinks are $1. You can go to Chicken Express to get a good deal, and get a great meal.