Student help raise awareness to needed food

Ava Miller, Editor and Cheif

Did you know that there is an National Junior Honor Society food drive?

Ava Miller

You can donate your food in eighth-grade science teacher Amber Molina’s classroom or the office.

NJHS is accepting any and all food donations. And if you are in the National Junior Honor Society, every five boxes or individual food items count as one point for your service point log sheet. 

The food donations will benefit the Duncan Middle School’s food pantry, which serves about 50 students every week. Originally, about 3,000 items were needed, and more than 7,000 items were received as of last week.

There were so many community members that stepped up and gave so much food.

I am an office aide, and I have been able to personally see how much food has been donated. Every day, I go into the office and the food table is just overflowing with stacks of food. And every day, I am overwhelmed with joy when I look at that table.

I have also been able to hand out the food bags, and the kids that receive them are so happy to see big loaves of bread and a big package of cookies, in addition to the other food items they get.

Also, all food will supplement the food that is typically given from the Regional Food Bank. There is typically a Backpack for Kids auction, where the community donates items and they get auctioned. Then that money pays for the food that is given from the Regional Food Bank.