Videos games need remaster

Spencer Carter, Kelan Smith-Johnson, Clubs Reporter

Video games are a staple of popular culture, but some have fallen by the wayside like Captain Falcon (F-Zero), Frank West(dead rising), and Samus Arin (Metroid).

A lot of others fall into this situation and most of them don’t deserve it or are just lost and forgotten by a new generation like Captain Falcon who for the longest time I thought was a smash. Bros original fighter and Frank West who covered wars you know is only playable in Two games the first and the fourth even Chuck Green the protagonist of the second game is also in the third (this is excluding DLC where Frank was in the second as well). Then there’s Samus Arin from Metroid although fans got a relatively recent win with Ridley being included in smash ultimate that was back in 2018 the last Metroid game came out in 2017 with Metroid: the return of Samus.

Then, unfortunately, there are video game characters that should stay forgotten like Mr. game in watch and Nintendog both in smash. Bros ultimate (kinda) Mr. Game and watch being playable in most of the smash bros games and Nintendog has only had a stage and an assist trophy. 

Then there’s lost characters that absolutely need new games like Banjo and Kazooie, Conker, and Dig Dug these three desperately need a game. The oldest one of the three is Dig Dug whose last game was in 1982. Conkers’ last game was in 2001.  And banjo Kazooie had their last game in 2008 which means it has 13 years since we last saw them 20 years since we last saw conker and 39 years since Dig Dug was last seen or relevant.