Hard work pays off

Luke McFatridge, Sports Reporter

Doing work is something that most people do not want to do. However, it will benefit you long term.

Luke McFatridge

Most people would rather not be going to school, but school helps with discipline and responsibility. If you do your work now, you will have a great future.

It might start like this: you are helping your dad with fixing a pipe or something like that.

This little gesture will start your life at work. If you do all this now, your life will be easier. Hard work leads to retirement, and that is finally your relaxing stage.

You look back at everything you did to get there. Some of your lazier classmates will probably still be saying, “You want fries with that.” 

What the point is is that you need to work hard to be successful in life.

If you didn’t do your work during this previous snow week, you will get bad grades. This will affect your admittance into college, and that is where you will truly learn what you will do.

If you don’t, you will probably be working minimum wage at Mickey D’s as a urinal cleaner while you watch your old friends be successful and earn the cold hard dough.

Make sure to do your work and you will be rewarded.