Pokemon to celebrate its 20th anniversary

Spencer Carter, Clubs Reporter

Pokemon has been a big part of mine and a lot of other people’s childhood. Everyone remembers their first time in Kanto, Johto, and (if you are younger than most )

Spencer Carter

Galar but for a long time people have been requesting Sino remakes, and with the upcoming 25th anniversary of pokemon we may finally get those remakes and who knows we might get new let’s go games based in Johto (maybe let’s go mereep and let’s go azumerail). If we do get Sino remakes then gigantamax could come back there might even be new ones, for example, a gigantamax for garchomp or Lucario yes they already have mega evolutions but  Charizard has two Megas and a gigantamax.


 For the 20th anniversary of pokemon, they released pokemon go, and after some time it got into some legal trouble like deaths relating to the game and car accidents caused by it but they also released a pokemon card that had all 151 pokemon on it. hopefully, they smarten up and not release anything life-threatening but I really do hope they release a Johto card depicting all of that region pokemon starting of course with the grass starter chickorita and ending with a legendary pokemon but that might be more of a 30th or 40th anniversary since Nintendo waited until the 20th anniversary. McDonald’s has changed the happy meal boxes and it now has pokemon cards that people are scalping (selling them for ridiculously high prices) which means that someone is trying to sell kids toys for up to 4,000 dollars