Student expresses opinion on Taco Bell

Hayden Irby, Academics reporter

Taco Bell is a very good place to eat. Sometimes their food can be good, but it also can be bad. You just have to get it on a good day. Personally, Taco Bell is gross and it’s not good on any day because the food is really dry, and they also put too much cheese on their soft tacos and the cheese isn’t good at all. If I would have to eat there though, I would, only if I had to, but the only thing I would get is nachos, quesadillas, and maybe a burrito, but everything else is not very good because the workers don’t know how to cook rice properly.

They always over cook the rice. However the nachos and the quesadillas are super good, so if that was the only thing I could eat I would eat Taco Bell, because they have two things that are super good so I would for sure eat there! If Taco Bell runs out of nachos and quesadillas I’m not eating there even if I was starving. If you like Taco Bell, though, I am sure there are certain things that I have not tried, so I am open to any suggestions on what to order, next time.