Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

This week, Duncan Middle School students have been working towards turning in their chromebook. Along with their chromebook, students are also expected to turn in everything else, such as their case, charger, shoulder strap, and any other missing pieces.

Although chromebook turn ins were originally scheduled to start on Monday, some changes were made. Turn ins started on Tuesday, and it was hoped to be finished by the end of Wednesday. Students were called to turn in their chromebooks by order of their last names alphabetically, with sixth grade and half of seventh grade being called on Tuesday, and the rest of the students being called the next day.

If a student were to be missing any key part of their chromebook, including their charger, shoulder strap, or any missing keys, they would have to pay a fine to make up for it. Although students will be given time to turn these things in, it would be best to hand in what you’re missing as soon as possible.

Dani Christian, an eighth grader, feels good about the turning in of chromebooks. “I’m kind of glad we’re turning them in, it just kind of symbolizes the fact that school is almost over with.” Dani also feels like with the absence of chromebooks, schoolwork itself might be much easier and more manageable.