Editor reviews dog best friend

Brendan Heilman , Clubs Editor

Dogs are man’s best friend, and no one quite fits that description like my dog, Tuss.

Tuss is the editor’s dog and a good boy. (Brendan Heilman)

Tuss is an American blue pitbull mix. He’s the cutest boy ever, and he is extremely cuddly. He has short but soft hair. He never barks, and he loves the National Dog Show. He loves blankets or anything soft, and he will lay on anything, even a cotton ball.

He loves food, especially signed books.

Tuss also has a sister named Ruby, who is 6 (or 41 in dog years).

He is 9 years old, which is 63 in dog year. And he sleeps a lot, especially while I am home.

Yes, we got him a dog IQ test. He doesn’t like when you touch his feet, and he is a big boy.

He is such a good boy, and I love him too much.

I give him a 17 out of 10.