‘Paw Patrol’ movie resembles show

Presley Sanders, Editor in Chief

This week, I watched the movie Paw Patrol with a few of my friends. This story will be about my honest review on the movie. 

This movie was based on the children’s show Paw Patrol. This show was made in 2013, and has been one of the most popular children’s shows ever since. This show is about dogs who save the city from all its trouble. The dogs are led by their leader, Ryder. The setting of the show takes place in a city called “adventure bay”. 

The movie was released on Aug. 20th, 2021. Most of the movie consists of the same things that happen in the original show. In the movie, The pups try to save Adventure City from the town’s mayor Humdinger. All the mayor wants is attention and fame, so he keeps making bad decisions for the city. That’s when the Paw Patrol strikes to save the city from all the disasters he created. 

Presley Sanders

I enjoyed this movie. It is a very action packed movie, with many things going on at once. I advise paying close attention to all the small details in the movie. If you do not pay close attention, you will get lost in the movie, and not understand what is going on. Overall, I give this movie an 8/10. My friends and I really enjoyed this movie.