Hoodies, Jackets, or Coats.

Carson Hoodenpyle, Academics

  So everyone wears either a jacket, coat, or a hoodie. The question I’m going to answer is the question of which one is better. Of course, the verdict is completely subjective. While that’s the case, that’s also the entire point. Let’s get started.

So, let me describe hoodies. They’re usually very comfortable to wear casually or even as pajamas. They also come with all kinds of graphic designs. This can be proven with popular brands like Supreme and Gucci. These are among the most effective and most comfortable. There are also different kinds of different weather conditions. They all generally do the same thing though.

The next one, jackets, are of about the same use. The main difference between jackets and hoodies, however, is the fact that they are aimed more at effectiveness than comfortableness. Jackets can be used for cold weather in general, or more specific weather, like snow, rain, or even just windy weather. They don’t have graphic designs most of the time, and they’re usually more mass-produced than hoodies, so the quality isn’t always the best or even super good, But if you get a name brand one or one from an online website instead of at the store, you’re likely to have better quality.


So the final contender, and my personal favorite, are coats. Coats can play the part of both form and fashion. In fact, I’ve been using the same coat for about six months now. They’re generally comfortable and they can keep you warm, especially the coats with layers. Of course, there are coats that are underwhelming or maybe extremely over the top. Even then, an effective coat is still a good coat.

In summary, I feel like the best upper layer is coats. My opinion hasn’t changed, because while jackets usually focus on form and hoodies focus on fashion, coats can focus on both and be more reliable than their less useful counterparts. Overall, I’d say coats are the best choice.