Lady and The Tramp

Joelliza Fincher, General News Editor

    Lady and the tramp is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s a G movie and it’s an hour and 16 minutes long. It’s a family/musical movie. Tramp is one of my favorite characters because he’s one of my favorite dog breeds. I love lady and the woman that plays her is Barbara Luddy and Larry Roberts plays tramp. I enjoy watching this movie because I loved it as a kid and it was a good call back to my childhood. This movie was made on Jun

e 22, 1955. I love this movie because it’s a dog’s life and you get to see it from their perspective. Sadly you can’t find this movie on Netflix or cable or most of the things you watch your movies on but you can rent this movie digitally. Lady is also one of my favorite dog breeds but for some reason, I am more attached to tramp. I also like male dogs more than female dogs so that may be the main reason I like tramp better. The directors of this movie are Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske. This is a very good movie I would recommend it to people who enjoy watching old animated movies.