Lincoln Riley Leaves Oklahoma

Brycen Maddox and Jace Jackson

         A devastating event happened during the bedlam game OSU vs OU. Football coach Lincoln Riley had quit because the OU team had lost the game. He had started coaching OU in January 2017 and ended his coaching for OU on November 27, 2021. He has been the coach for 4 years at OU. He is said to become the next head coach at theUniversity of Southern California or USC. He made $7.67 Million dollars per season, the fifth-highest salary in college football. Jensen Prince and Jayson Marquez and this is what he had to say. Jensen was asked what he thought about Lincoln Riley leaving and he said “ I think he is a traitor and a snake. Yeah, I would have taken the job but now how he did it, because he didn’t even finish the season. He did us dirty too because he took all our recruits and took us to SEC. Jayson said that he was devastated when seeing the news and hearing about it. He said that it is pretty bad he is a traitor and how he left the team that way. Jayson thinks it was a good deal that he was given and even would have taken the deal but not the way he did.